Leave. Take.

Leave. Take. is a stack of 20-30 handmade bricks arranged in a curved, pyramid structure each with a USB interface protruding from the surface. For those that stop to consider the work, a question arises: Do these bricks contain anything? The USB interface is a ubiquitous symbol for data transfer, and the initial reflex when seeing one is to plug in and explore, to leave something or to take something. For those that decide to interact with the work, by plugging into a brick (or taking one home), they find that they are fully functional memory sticks seeded with a word phrase or the beginnings of a poem, the fragments of single voice spread across dust and gravel. Like an unfinished journal left on a bench, each brick will invite participants to leave part of their self for the street and take what has been left by others.



Public Art


August 15, 2013

Created by

Pete Bjordahl for the City of Seattle